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Get inspired by the season: Fall’s rich crop of nail polish

Spring is my favorite season overall, but fall runs a close second. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I see the leaves start to change I get the urge to start wearing deep colors and cozy, soft clothes. There is just something so comforting and warm about the season.

I try hard to be loyal to my summer brights, but my wandering eye has other ideas. Making the switch isn’t always as easy as it seems though. You can’t always throw on your comfy sweaters at the first sign of fall. Fortunately, you can ease in by putting some of the rich shades of nature on your nails. So if, like me, you’re itching to welcome in the new season then check out these striking shades for nails:

Butter London in “Shag”: You can’t get much more autumnal than this warm hued polish. The metallic orange-burgundy shade is said to be evocative of fall leaves.

OPI in “Deutsch You Want Me Baby?”: From their “Germany Collection”, this fiery burnt orange shade is perfect for fall and is sure to give you a glowy, warm feeling.

Nicole by OPI in “I Only Shop Vintage”: For a beautifully antique-y metallic look try this golden bronze hue. No joke – it has a real vintage feel about it – definitely not your average gold shimmer.

Illamasqua Rubber Finish Nail Varnish in “Optimist”: If you’re looking for a more unique finish then give this waxy looking polish a try. The shade is listed as a warm yellow and is a great transition color because it’s bright like the colors of summer, but has more of a fall tone.

China Glaze in “Call of the Wild”: This shade is from the “On Safari” collection. It’s a dark, rich and glossy brown cream shade that will have you longing for chocolate pudding (or any other cool weather comfort food).

Finger Paints in “Take It or Leaf It”: This color comes from the “Fall of Surprises” collection and is a taupe-y metallic. It’s hard to say whether this shade is more on the warm or cool side, as it certainly has bronze and silver elements, so it should work for fans of both.

Hopefully these suggestions are enough to tide the fall enthusiasts over for a while, but fear not; the boots and tailored blazers aren’t far behind. Just remember to take advantage of every bit of fall while you can. Before you know it winter will set in and you’ll have to cover up all of those beautiful colors.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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