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Get rid of that gobble gobble!

As Thanksgiving approaches, you’re probably seeing a lot of turkeys – real ones in the countryside, cartoons at the grocery store and in your kids classrooms – but what happens when you see one when you look in the mirror? Most of us are familiar with the skin issue known as “turkey neck” – aptly named after a turkey’s wattle – that flap of skin stretching from chin to neck. While yours probably isn’t as bad as you imagine, there are some things you can do to make sure the turkey is the only thing going “gobble gobble” this Thanksgiving!

We pay a whole lot of attention to our faces – slathering eye serums, wrinkle creams and sunscreen on to prevent damage and UV-related signs of aging. But what about our necks? Often times, we overlook this aspect, and it gets skipped somewhere between the application of your body lotion and face cream. However, the skin on the neck is just as sensitive as that on your face, and often just as exposed to the sun. The result? Wrinkles, sagging and dull skin.

Of course, the best treatment for turkey neck is prevention, but if it’s too late for that, pick a high-quality cream that is specially designed for the neck and decollete. Look for one with hyaluronic acid, which will hydrate the skin to keep it firm.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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