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Haircut ideas for the most timid

Haircuts can be intimidating – you just sit down and hope your stylist catches on to your vision. Even if you the biggest scaredy cat when it comes to hairstyling, try some of these easy and fun hairstyles to give your next cut a little more edge.

If you would say “I don’t want it to be short, but it’s hard to style when it’s so long.” If you love long hair, a good rule of thumb is to not have it go longer than the back band of your bra. Sure, you may have rocked waist-long locks as a teenager, but this style no longer shows off your tresses in the best way. Opt for a shorter cut that is easy to work with – maybe add some oomph with bangs!

If you would say “I’ve had this straight hairstyle FOREVER.” If you think your hair is “blah,” just there with no volume or pizazz – it’s time for a cut! If it’s shoulder length, consider a bob, as this will frame your face while adding volume and will still be low-maintenance.

If you would say “It’s just so thick.” Lighten it up with layers! Tell your stylist you want a bit of a change, but nothing too drastic. Shoulder-length hair with layers and angles can make your hair lighter in weight and stylish to boot!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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