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Is the beauty industry mean?

Benefit has a new video ad out, and it’s not your everyday beauty ad. Gone are the glamour shots, the promises of bigger/longer/glossier/younger everything…instead we have a mouthy comedian riding a Segway and telling women on the street exactly what is wrong with them.  Sarah Colonna is the makeup cop, and she’s got no patience for your Lady Gaga look, your fake eyelashes, or your overplucked brows.

“Look at your eyebrows, they look like McDonald’s arches. Can I order a hamburger off your face?”  The ad ends with the slogan “Laughter is the best cosmetic.”

It’s a bold move from a makeup company; watching someone attack women on the street for makeup faux pas is hard to stomach for a lot of us who would die if that happened to us. It’s hard to laugh at others being mocked for their bad makeup moves; after all, who hasn’t done something regrettable with her look at some point or another? I love Sarah Colonna but usually she’s doing the self-deprecating thing. This just seems mean-spirited, which is so not my humor. Laughter may be a great cosmetic, but I’m fairly certain being an a– hole adds years to your face.

On the other hand, makeup companies have been subtly insulting us for years. All the ads telling me how they’ll help me improve are making it clear that I do, in fact, have flaws. From fine lines to thin lashes to dull skin, they don’t really celebrate women just as they are. So I gotta give Benefit some credit for just putting it out there.

What do you think of this campaign? Too much or just right? 


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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