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You might have associated dark circles under your eyes with those all nighters you pulled in college or those sleepless nights you spent rocking your kids back to sleep when they were babies. Unfortunately, even if you are now getting plenty of sleep, dark under-eye circles can still haunt you, and genetics, age and allergies are to blame.

If your mom had fair or thin skin under her eyes, chances are you will too. This genetic feature makes it more obvious when blood pools there, as it is wont to do during sleep, when circulation slows down. The accumulation makes the fragile capillaries stretch or leak, resulting in – you guessed it – dark circles. The same thing happens when your skin gets thinner or loses collagen with age. Allergies can sometimes cause the darkness, too, because they can trigger the release of vessel-inflaming histamines and cause swelling. This can be treated with antihistamine allergy medication.

One place to start is to apply a thick, hydrating cream like Hydrolyze Advanced Formula Under Eye Cream  to your face and eye area each night before bed to boost collagen production and keep the skin firm to combat the thinning that comes with age. In the meantime, you can double up on pillows at night to prevent the blood from pooling, and use a cold compress in the morning to make the blood vessels constrict.


Under eye cream for dark circles and bags

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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