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Rushing to a party? These easy makeup updates will take your makeup into the evening

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and rush from party to party between work and family obligations. The holiday season tends to be chock full of holiday parties, and they can’t all be scheduled for the weekend. Of course, work doesn’t stop when the holidays roll around. That means you’re left hoping your hair and makeup are still intact as you rush from the office to your friend’s holiday cocktail hour downtown.

Whether you’re headed to a holiday banquet for work or your friend’s annual blow-out bash on a Friday, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself scrambling for time to get ready this season. Here are some tips you need to take your makeup from that 7 a.m. meeting all the way to a 9 p.m. cosmopolitan.

Touch up your skin
If you have oily skin, end of the day usually means your face is slightly shiny. Even if you don’t have any skin woes, there’s a good chance your foundation, bronzer and blush have worn off throughout the day. You probably won’t have time to totally wash your face and re-do your makeup, so focus on your problem areas. Start by blotting away any oil with a tissue or blotting paper, then use a makeup sponge to buff your makeup so it’s smooth again. Don’t forget the spot around your jawline. You might also want to use a Q-tip to wipe away any smudged eye makeup on your upper and lower eyelid.

Then, apply concealer or foundation under your eyes to brighten up the center of your face. If your eyes are looking extra tired, apply a highlighter pencil (or a pearly shadow) to the inner corners to make them look wider and whiter. Finish off with a light dusting of translucent powder and a re-application of bronzer and blush.

Dress up your eyes
You probably stick to a pretty neutral eyeshadow palette for work. This is a perfect base for something a little dressier once you’re clocked out. One easy way to dress up your eye makeup is to add a metallic or sparkly eyeliner. You can keep the rest of your makeup palette neutral (just touching up your shadow, powder, bronzer and blush) and draw a sparkly gold line or a metallic mulberry across your upper lashline. Add lip gloss and voila! Instant festive glam.

Another way to get a little more fancy for post-work partying is to choose a jewel tone for your eyelids. A vibrant purple or emerald green is perfect for a holiday occasion. If you’d rather stay away from bold colors, false lashes can also add a little drama to your look, as can a thick application of black liquid eyeliner – wing out the ends for a little vintage flair.

Prep your pout
Another easy post-work update to your makeup is a bold lip color. Once you have touched up any smudged liner or faded blush from the day, remove any lipstick and liner you were wearing during the day – you will want a fresh application of color! Then, apply a bold color like raspberry, poppy, oxblood or a classic red to your lips. You’ll look instantly refreshed and immediately festive!

A sparkly gloss is an even quicker way to get your lips looking luscious after work. Choose lip gloss with flecks of gold or peach glitter in it. This will make you look particularly glowing with gold eyeliner or a shimmery eyeshadow.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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