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Hydroxatone BB Cream Giftstravaganza Giveaway AND Top 5 reasons why BB Cream is my new ‘thing’

I know that you have heard of BB creams.  I mean, they are all over the place.  You can find them in your favorite department store or at your favorite drug store.  There is really no excuse NOT to own a BB cream. If you have not replaced at least one of your foundations or tinted moisturizers with a Beauty Balm, then your life is severely lacking.  You may even need a life coach (or a beauty advisor) to walk you through this; because you’re doing this life thing all the way wrong.

Not convinced?  I understand. Welp, here are the top 5 reasons why you are at a disadvantage by not jumping on the BB cream train.

1. It’s the ultimate multi-tasker.  Picture this – applying your moisturizer, foundation, spf and concealer in on single, solitary step.  That’s what a BB cream does.  It’s kinda schizophrenic. It’s skincare that thinks that it’s makeup.

2. Most brands make BB creams that work for skin tones across all color spectrums.  There’s none of that pesky worrying about whether you’re too light or too dark for the product to work.  I hate that!

3. BB creams usually have higher SPF levels than foundation and moisturizers.  While the average foundation has an SPF of 25, BB creams often utilize a sun protection factor ranging from 30 to 60.  Yup!  Down with those sun rays.

4. It’s buildable.  That’s right, Beauties.  You can have a little or as much coverage as you would like using BB cream.  Since I have a bit of hyper -pigmentation around my cheek and chin area, I normally need medium coverage.  However, on date nights or other special occasions, I opt for the heavy coverage look.  I like to contour and highlight and all that good stuff.  No one ever knows that I’m not wearing my old faithful MAC Studio Fix.

5. BBs like Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream also employ age prevention technology that helps keep those fine lines at bay.  You won’t just have a flawless complexion while wearing the product, there are also long term benefits.

In fact, we at the YBA offices like BB cream so dagone much that we are giving you a chance to win one of your own.  All you have to do is “Like” us on Facebook and  fill out the entry form. That’s all.  That’s it.  Good luck Beauties.

PS:  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win today.  We’re giving a gift a day for a full TWO months.  Check back daily for your chance to be a winner.


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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