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Yoga for beginners: Ways to boost energy fast!

Yoga offers a slew of benefits. It not only gets you in shape physically, but the meditation aspect allows a person to stay calm and manage stress. Personally, the poses I have seen some of these ladies in makes me want to take my yoga mat and run for the hills! But beginners start every day and there are plenty of relatively easy poses where you can start. Plus, there are certain poses that are known for giving you a boost of energy.

Even though you have likely heard of these poses, I will not assume you know how to do them (you know what they say about assuming…). Here are some easy poses that will also give you the energy boost we all need!

Warrior Pose. Put your left foot forward, bending the knee to start this pose. Keep your back foot at a 90 degree angle with the back (right) leg straight, and stretch your arms in front of you and behind you, directing your gaze forward. Repeat this with your left foot back and the right foot forward.

Triangle Pose. You can easily transition into this pose from warrior by straightening your bent leg, putting your left hand on your left shin and the other in the air. Your shoulders should be in a straight line, so your right hand it straight up in the air. Look up and feel the stretch!

Downward Dog. Start out with your hands and knees on the mat, tuck your toes under and lift your legs so you make a upside down “V.” This pose tones your arms and stretches your hamstrings.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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