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Are you confusing your hair stylist?

When I go into the salon and ask for a trim, I get a full-on cut. When I ask for a new trendy cut, I come out with just a trim that’s hardly noticeable. It’s easy enough to blame your stylist for not listening or not understanding, but are you SURE you’re communicating clearly?

Here are some of the most common miscommunications that tend to occur between stylist and client. Sound familiar?

“I want it short, but not too short”

Adjectives like “short,” “long” and even “choppy” are pretty subjective when it comes to hairstyles. If you are more specific with your requests, your stylist can be more specific with your cut – and get you more of what you want.

Use hard and fast measuring descriptions – “I want a bob that will still fit entirely into a ponytail,” or “I want long hair but with layers as short as my chin.” It’s also important to be open to suggestions your stylist may have to make these requests more realistic or flattering on you.

“I want it brighter all over”

Not only is “bright” a relative term, it could be referring to a color, cut or gloss. Be specific about which aspect of your hair you are referring to by saying exactly which treatment you want.

If you want the cut to light up your face somehow, tell your stylist which aspect you think you could be brighter and how the haircut you have in mind could achieve it. If you want to brighten the color you already have, say that, but if you think highlights are the best way to “brighten,” discuss how much you’re looking to lighten your overall color.

“I want something low-maintenance”

You are talking to someone who does hair for a living, so it’s safe to assume that the majority of haircare is pretty easy for them to complete. While many know exactly what the average person means when they say low maintenance, this term totally depends on the individual’s level of hair care expertise. For some people, low maintenance means not having to straighten and style every day, for others, it means the entire style looks good air dried with literally no styling whatsoever. Saying what you’re willing to do each day to style your hair can give you stylist a better idea whether a certain cut would work for you.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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