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Everyone wishes for silver and gold makeup

“Silver and gold, silver and gold, everyone wishes for silver and gold. How do you measure its worth? Just by the pleasure it gives here on earth.” Those classic Christmas lyrics from “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” may flood you with warm and fuzzy memories of the holidays as a kid, but they are also rife with inspiration for holiday makeup!

How do I measure silver and gold’s worth? By the pleasure it gives to my holiday makeup palette, of course! Incorporating the classic holiday metallics into your makeup will make your face glow in the merriest of ways.

Gleaming gold
The warmth of this metallic makes nearly all skintones glow, but it’s not just for your face and eyes! You can also gild your nails and lips with gold.

•   Eyes. Dust a sheer gold eyeshadow over any neutral eye makeup palette for an extra-warm glow, or use a sparkly gold eyeliner along your upper and lower lashlines.

•   Face. Look for a bronzer or highlighter with flecks of gold in it. Benefit’s Sun Beam highlighter is a great option that gives your complexion a golden bronze radiance. Add a touch of this to your cheekbones and brow bones for a sunkissed glow.

•   Nails. Straight metallics work great for nails, but adding a little glitter might take them to the next level for a holiday party. Use a shimmery gold polish then top it with loose gold glitter. Finish up with a clear topcoat so they are smooth to the touch.

•   Lips. You might not think of wearing gold on your lips, but you can (and should)! Gold lipstick or lip gloss might not pop enough on its own, but layering it over your favorite lip color will give your pout an irresistible gleam in the low lighting of holiday parties.

Shimmering silver
Silver has the power to instantly transform you into an ice princess, but handle with care – it’s usually not the best color choice for lips or face, but is perfect on eyes and nails.

•   Eyes. Silver is a great color to use to accent a smoky eye or a navy blue eyeshadow palette. It can be used to highlight the inner corners of your eyes when the rest of your makeup is dark, but also works great on its own as an eyeliner. Sparkly silver eyeliner is perfect for that New Year’s Eve party!

•   Nails. Flecks of silver add a festive touch to almost all nail colors. Choose a polish with a variety of sizes of glitter in it to add a little more dimension to the hue. Finish off with a sparkly cocktail ring!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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