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Get your gams glowing

Sorry to break it to you, ladies, but nude pantyhose are out of fashion. No longer can we wear hose to hide our legs’ imperfections. That’s right – if you don’t have a pair of tights or hose that matches your outfit, you’d better find a pair of pants. Or, of course, you could adopt some simple tricks to make your gams as glam as a super model’s.

One trick celebs and supermodels swear by is adding a touch of oil to their legs. This subtle shine makes your legs look more toned, your skin tone more even and glowing, and your key muscular curves more pronounced. It’s like lip gloss for your legs. Just a thin layer of coconut oil or mineral oil will make your legs look magnificently enhanced – no Photoshop needed!

Another way to get your legs looking their most luxurious is to apply a tinted moisturizer when you’re going hose-free. We wear tinted moisturizer and bronzer on our faces and decollete, so why not our legs, too? A tinted body moisturizer like Miracle Skin Transformer Body is perfect because the tint helps to enhance the skin while the moisturizers leave your legs toned and hydrated.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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