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Great hairstyles for curly haired professionals

Great hairstyles for curly-haired professionals

The scenario is familiar to many curly-haired ladies: you’re getting ready for work, makeup is done… But what to do with that mop of hair on your head?! You’re not alone. Curly hair can be hard to style, and even more difficult to “tame” for a professional setting. Professional gals look no further, here are some fantastic and easy hairstyles for wavy and curly haired women. So, put down that straightener and embrace those bouncing curls!

Lovin’ the bob!
Cutting your hair short and rockin’ a bob is a great way to show off your curls while giving it a professional and controlled feel. Maintaining this adorable short cut will require visits to your stylist more often than usual, but it will show as your hair will look healthier than ever.

The curly bob is not for everyone, though. If you have a heart shaped face or a round face, you may want to steer clear of that lovely bob because it can make your face look even more round.

Braiding – simple and chic
Braids not only dress up any look, but they are simple to do – quickly making them a curly haired ladies’ best friend. Regardless of what type of braid you decide to do on your hair, it will it a perfectly polished look. Try a French braid along your hairline with the rest of your curls loose, or pull it all back into one braid for total control.
Want to jazz up that everyday braid? Add a headband or jeweled clip to give it that extra something!

High ponytail or bun
When in doubt, throw it up! High ponytails and buns are both popular and simple, and look extra cool with curly hair because it adds so much texture. Pulling all of your hair back and putting it into a curled ponytail or bun will keep your hair out of your face and out of your mind – and you will still look fantastic. Try this look with a small braid in the front or the ever-elegant (and easy!) sock bun.

Letting it all down – embrace it!
Of course – some days you put your hair down and you aren’t even sure HOW the look came together – but you aren’t pleased. There are ways to tame that occasionally haywire hair and you don’t have to put it up to hide it. Let your hair down for once!

Products are your friend when it comes to wearing those luscious curls down. You don’t want frizzy hair, so find a mousse or gel that will combat that frizz while also accentuating each of those beautiful waves. Now you are ready to kick butt at work!

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Dahlia Moon
By: Dahlia Moon

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