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Hair static, begone!

Picture this: it’s winter, you’ve just arrived at friend’s holiday party. You’re feeling confident in a great party dress with boots to match, flawless make up and a totally styling do. You take off your coat and scarf and saunter into the room full of guests. Right before you enter you glance at the mirror on the wall and that’s when you see it . . . static hair! You quickly pat down your hair trying to smooth down the strands. You rush to the bathroom, wet your hands and run them through your locks hoping the static will vanish and just go away. Finally, the strands are satiated enough to tone down the static temporarily but, you enter the party feeling defeated and, frankly, a little soggy.

Is winter sending you the wrong kind of shock? Don’t let this be you! You can stop static hair in it’s tracks with just a little little tweaking to your winter hair care routine. Static hair is all about dry air which causes dry hair, and it will sneak up and surprise you at the most inconvenient times! So, the best way to beat static hair is to be ready for it!

Just like the fight we battle against dry skin in winter months, our hair begs for more moisture too. The extra component working against us in winter, is living with forced heat which zaps moisture from our hair and skin.  This is the time of year to make sure your shampoo and conditioner are formulated as “moisturizing” products. All shampoos will strip some natural oil from the hair, but “moisturizing” and “sulfate free” shampoos and conditioners will be the most gentle on your locks. Both salon products and over-the counter products that are formulated this way will help keep strands moisturized. Keeping the frequency of shampoos at a minimum will help too! Try a dry shampoo to extend time between cleansing, it will also add some extra texture to your do!

We are constantly putting our hair to the test with heat from blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons. Less is more. Skip the heat damage by wearing braids, ponies, pin curls, rollers or any change of style that beats the heat. Do invest in a heat-protecting product (serum or spray, your preference) to protect and seal in moisture. Remember, stopping static starts at home!

If you’re already out of the house and you’re having a static emergency, don’t panic! There are two simple tricks to stopping static in its tracks. One, apply a very small amount of leave-in conditioner or hand lotion to the palm of your hands and run them through your hair from mid-shaft to end. A thin layer of lotion is enough to tame static while not weighing down your hair and making it look greasy. Two, use a fabric softener sheet! For some reason, dryer sheets are the secret weapon to curing many every day woes. Just swipe the sheet over your hair to add a little weight and . . .  static be gone! Get a small pack from the dollar section of your local drugstore and keep it in your purse for just such an emergency.

If you have long hair, consider investing in a good boar bristle brush or a brush that is partially made with boar bristles. It will help in keeping the static down while giving your hair a more ‘polished’ look and feel . . . it’s like magic!

Though the winter may be cold, dark and dry, don’t let the dry air effect your hair. Remember to protect your hair at home first before venturing out, drop a dryer sheet or lotion in your purse and you won’t have to worry about static electricity ruining your grand entrance at your next holiday party, or even the potential of your next hot date!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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