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Holiday makeup do’s and don’ts

Thinking of spicing up your beauty look for that holiday party? That’s great! It’s the perfect time of year to change up your makeup look and channel something a little bit naughty…or a little bit nice! We’ve got some quick do’s and don’ts for your holiday makeup rules.

Do: Step outside your comfort zone a bit. If you normally wouldn’t wear a bold red lipstick, go ahead and give it a try!

Tip–>If you’re trying red for the first time, try a brick red or lighter shade to ease into it.

Don’t: Try a makeup look that’s so bold, you’re uncomfortable all night. You should feel pretty, sexy and not be worrying if you look like a holiday elf.

Do: Play up your eyes with cool colors. Ever wanted to try some metallic shades or shimmery shadows in blues, purples or even greens? There are loads of pretty palettes to try that will look fun and festive this time of year.

Don’t: Do glitter eye makeup. In fact, you can go ahead and refer to our guide on if you’re too old for glitter makeup. 

Do: Change your foundation color if you need. Some ladies may need to swap out their foundation shade from summer to winter; check to make sure the color is still right for you before that holiday party.

Don’t: Wear bronzer. This makeup item is really best left for summer days.

Do: Wear makeup heavier than normal. If you don’t normally wear foundation, go ahead and try some for a long-wearing evening look. A little extra blush is a good bet too as this is one makeup item that tends to fade quickly.

Don’t: Over do it so you end up looking like a clown.

Do: Try a smokey eye. It’s classic, sexy and a great way to take your makeup look from day to night.

Don’t: Pair your smokey eye with bright cheeks and red lips. Play up your eyes or your lips, but never both.

Do: Think about your overall look. If you’re wearing silver tones, for example, you may want to stray away from gold eye shadows.

Don’t: Worry about being matchy matchy. A green Christmas sweater doesn’t mean it should be paired with green liner or eyeshadow.

Are you changing up your makeup look for that holiday party?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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