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How to nail the nail art trend and win a set of three Nicole by OPI nail polishes (Giftstravaganza Giveaway)

If you have scrolled through Pinterest lately or flipped through your favorite fashion magazine, you might have noticed a particularly bold trend has taken hold of even the most sophisticated of women: nail art.

You might remember nail art as a slumber party activity in your teens or something only nail professionals could paint onto your polish. However, do-it-yourself nail art is back in a big way. Even the Los Angeles Times is reporting it. Of course, with every trend must come a how-to and how-NOT-to guide. Here’s yours!

Prints and pictures

Animal prints and polka dots have been gracing the nails of women from red carpets to Wall Street, but of course there are ways to do this elegantly – if that’s what you’re going for, of course.

It’s a fun time to try out all kinds of bright, bold accessorizing ideas, and your nails are no exception, considering they seem to be the newest thing to accessorize an outfit. Why not try a bright jewel tone like sapphire blue with orange checks? Pink polka dots with a purple base? Try playing with bright colors! Think of them like a statement necklace (but on your hands)!

If these seem a little too bright for you, try similar patterns using more neutral or classic hues. A leopard print nail would look fabulous, yet the colors are understated. You could also opt for more traditional nail art, like a small flower just on your thumb nail.

One of the best ways to rock a pattern or print on your nails tastefully is to wear an accent nail. The latest trend is to wear a different color or print on your ring finger nail than on the rest. Try a classic red on your nails, then add a pattern to your ring finger – it’s fun, flirty and fashionable, but not in your face!

As long as you love it, essentially nothing is off-limits when it comes to prints and pictures on your nails! The only “don’t” here is to wear a print AND a picture on your nails. That is, if you are wearing a swirly pattern, don’t add any small graphics on top – the two trends will compete and neither will look their best.

Glitter and color blocking

Color blocking is big in fashion this season, and nail art is picking up on the same trend. Try an emerald green with magenta, painting half your nail with each color. You can also use brights and pastels to create classic geometric prints like chevron. If these bold, bright hues seem too much for you, try these color blocking techniques with softer colors.

Many women also shy away from glitter, which is understandable most of the time. However, it can be a fun way to dress up your nail design. While subtle glitter always adds a little sass to your look, chunky glitter is having a moment right now. If you feel comfortable with it, it can be a fun way to add a glimmer to your look. If glitter is too much, try a metallic hue, or do the accent finger with glitter just on one nail.

The only thing you want to avoid with glitter nails is wearing too much at once. For instance, if your base coat is metallic, you won’t want to layer another glittery coat on top. Also, generally is best to stay within the same color family when pairing glitter with a base coat. This is unless, however, the super-glitter outrageous thing is what you’re going for. In that case, shine on!

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Good luck!

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