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Pick the right bangs to complement your face shape

Cutting bangs is a big deal. They last for a long time, and can be challenging to cover up if you’re not happy with the cut. Not every kind of bang looks good on every face shape, and that’s why it is important to know what kind of face shape you have and figure out the best cut for you. Follow these tips so you can be well informed on your next visit to the salon.  And notice that we suggest getting bangs cut by a professional . . . only the truly talented or avant garde should EVER attempt to cut their own bangs!

Square face:  Strong square jawline and equally square at cheekbones

Opt for light, wispy bangs that tapered on the sides. This cut adds a soft element to square faces. Ask your stylist to snip them just below the brows, with the heavier, longer pieces on the sides, so as to not shorten the look of your face. Layered bangs that fall to, or just below your eyebrows, also look great on square face shapes.

Heart shaped face: Wider forehead, narrower chin

The best choice for this face shape is side swept bangs. A soft fringe that is angled to the side draws attention down towards the eyes. Ask for layered, feathered bangs. The shortest pieces should hit the arch of your eyebrows while the longest pieces should meet the outer corner of your eyes. This style of bang is versatile and can be pinned back or combed forward to allow for different styling options, depending on your mood.

Oval face: Balanced width at forehead and lower face, tapering at hairline and chin

Almost every kind of bang works on an oval face because it is the most balanced of all face shapes (lucky you!) Airy pin-straight bangs are hot now and will accentuate an oval face without feeling bulky. Ask for bangs that hit between the eyelash and brows and are longer on the sides. If your face shape is more oblong than oval, try a wide bang because it will add more width to the eye area, creating the illusion of a more oval shape.

Round face: Forehead and lower face are the same width, prominent cheeks

With a round face shape, it’s a good idea to steer away from blunt cut bangs as they will only add width to your face, making it appear shorter and more round. Instead, choose a long, angular side-swept bang. This type of  fringe elongates a round face by exposing more length with the forehead showing, and the deep side part creates an asymmetrical look which offsets a round shape. Check out my article Hairstyles for a Round Face.

Bangs can be a great way to change your look without sacrificing length or making what could feel like a lifetime commitment to a new hair style. If you are still now sure what bangs are right for you and are feeling hesitant, start with a few short, wispy pieces before making a more dramatic change. Chances are you’ll love the new styling options that will wake up your whole look. And if you really hate the outcome, well, there are a gazillion fun hair accessories that will help during the growing out stage!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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