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Treat acne with ancient homeopathic cell salt therapy

For those who suffer from acne, there’s really no limit to the things you will try to get relief. Since the beginning of time, humans have tried countless fads and outrageous methods in the pursuit of beauty.

In the nineteenth century, German biochemist Dr. William H. Scheussler found that human beings have 12 mineral compounds called cell salts, and that deficiency in those cell salts can cause an imbalance that provokes illness and ailments, including acne. First discovered in 1873, Scheussler’s homeopathic remedies are still practiced today in the U.S. and around the world.

Where Cell Salts Come From 
Cell salts are extracted from plant sources, typically organic, and are available in an alcohol-based solution called a tincture or in lactose-based micro tablets that dissolve under the tongue. These trace, chelated minerals are absorbed at a rate as much as 80 percent better than inorganic or unchelated minerals. The word chelate is derived from the Greek word for “claw” and means that it is combined with another element.

Intentions for Treatment
Treatment is intended to restore balance by stimulating the body’s own cell salts and regulating individual cells to a normal metabolic level.

Which Salt Treats Acne
A deficiency in the homeopathic salt silicea, or silica, can cause acne and boils. Supplementing this essential salt helps maintain healthy skin, bones, glands and joints. It will not only treat acne but also improve overall health of your hair and nails, and treat issues with constipation, headaches and insomnia.

Dosage Suggestions 
Unless otherwise indicated, dosage should be three to four tablets under the tongue three times per day. Mineral overdose can occur but is considered safe in cell salt treatments and unlikely since only a small quantity is necessary for treatment.

Advanced Studies
In the “American Barefoot Doctor’s Manual” book, author Accem Scott recommends “Natural Healing with Cell Salts” by Dr. Skye Weintraub for a deeper explanation about how to use cell salts.

Fun Fact
Each of the 12 cell salts has an astrological complement, which is used in an astrological health reading. The one related to acne is Sagittarius.

Procure your cell salts from a reputable source.

Three Salt Bath
A soak in a three salt bath is an overall body detoxification ritual that can eliminate skin impurities and treat acne on the body. Dissolve equal parts banking soda, Epsom salt and sea salt into warm water and soak for 20 minutes or more.

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