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3 short haircuts that you should try right now

If I’m being totally honest, I play it safe with my hair cuts. Sure, I love to play around with my hair color – platinum blonde, deep, dark auburn, strawberry with copper highlights, I’d never met a shade I wasn’t willing to try – but when it comes to the cut, I just can’t seem to bring myself to go any shorter than chin-length or any longer than my shoulders.  I’ll rock some long, side-swept bangs or a few subtle layers, but most times, I go for a pretty simple, all-one-length do.

And I’ve got to say – it’s pretty boring.

If you’re firmly set in your hair-cutting ways, it may be time to break out of the rut and try a bold, new style. Now, depending on your hair texture and thickness – not to mention face shape – certain cuts may be better for you than others, but one of these daring do’s may be worth the risk the next time you visit the salon. I’m seriously thinking about going with an a-line cut at my next appointment with my stylist …


It’s the cut that Mia Farrow made famous in the ‘60s, but Michelle Williams and Emma Watson have made the pixie smokin’ hot once again. It is definitely not a style for the faint of heart, considering how super short it is, but it is the ultimate sign of sexy confidence. And if you’ve got big eyes and strong cheekbones, no cut can do a better a job of showing them off.  A pixie cut is also the ultimate in wash-and-go hair, so it’s great if you’re super busy and need to get out of the house in a hurry in the mornings. If you feel like it can become a boring style since there’s really only one way to style it, dress it up with accessories like sparkling hair pins and satin headbands to change things up. It works equally well with fine or thick hair, but it’s probably not the best cut if you want to deemphasize a round face.

Extreme A-Line

If you’re not feeling brave enough for the pixie – and I’m definitely not – try a longer, edgy cut with an extreme a-line style.  Also known as an inverted bob, it’s a favorite of Victoria Beckham, a woman who definitely knows what it takes to get noticed. And best of all, it works on virtually everyone whether you’ve got straight or curly hair and no matter what your face shape. The front of the cut looks like a traditional bob with the hair coming to about chin length, but in the back, it’s cut extremely short to show off the nape of the neck. For a sexy, face-framing touch, the sides of the hair are usually cut on an angle so they gradually get longer as you reach the front. If you prefer a slightly longer style, you can have your stylist cut the front to your shoulders and adjust the back so it’s a little longer as well.


Whether you’re looking for a short or long style, there’s probably an asymmetrical cut that’ll work for you – and is sure to get you noticed. As the name implies, an asymmetrical cut is different on each side of your head, which typically means cutting it to different lengths. For an extreme asymmetrical style, you can shave one side of your head and leave the other long and layered. If that’s a little too dramatic for you, try an asymmetrical bob, with your hair cut to cheek or chin length on one side and just above the shoulders on the other. You can also use your bangs to give you an asymmetrical look by growing them out long while keeping the rest of our hair short. Since these kinds of cuts can be tricky to cut, consult with your stylist to make sure she knows exactly what you want.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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