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4 makeup trends to leave on the runway

Not long ago, I wrote a story on whether I should follow beauty trends. Just like with fashion, many things come and go but the classics are forever. Case in point: the smokey eye, a bright red lip and healthy, glowing skin. Of course, some beauty trends are absolutely fun: dark nails, tangerine lips, funky hair braids–really, I could go on! But there are a few places I just won’t go, because no matter how cool they may look on the runway or in magazines, there are just some makeup trends that we should just say “no” to, and many I’d love to forget. Let’s take a trip down memory lane at take a peek at some of the craziest makeup trends we’ve seen, and now hate.

Colored Eyelashes
Unless it’s Halloween (or you’re under 19), there’s really no rhyme or reason for candy-colored eyelashes. Punchy pinks, bright greens and other summery and unnatural shades were seen at Christian Dior’s fall 2012 couture fashion show. Of course, we’ve seen this trend before but like many trends of the 80s and 90s, it probably should have stayed there. The mascara looks were shown with eyes rimmed in matching, bright eyeliner.

Pastel Eyeshadow
Let’s be honest, Easter bunny colors should be reserved for girls under age 9. And they should never, I repeat never again be layered onto the eyelids as a “beauty trend”. The result is always a way too washed-out look that just isn’t suitable for grown ups, or flattering, either.

Vampy Lips
One cue as to whether or not a beauty trend has staying power is to ask a member of the opposite sex. Have you ever met a man other than Alice Cooper who thought a black lip on a woman was sexy? Probably not. I’m a big fan of the wine-stained lip, but when it goes too far and ventures into gothic territory, it just isn’t ladylike anymore. Black lips are never sexy and is one trend we’re glad to see gone.

Spider Lashes
One of the weirder fall 2011 beauty trends was spider lashes. A quick Google search will show you plenty of online tutorials on how to get the look, which is definitely eye catching. But, it’s still clumpy eyelashes. To get the clumpy look, just let your mascara dry and add multiple coats. Trendsetting? Maybe. But this unnatural makeup look won’t become a classic any time soon.

Did you ever try any of these beauty trends? What beauty trends do you hate?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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