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6 surefire steps to sexy swoon-worthy hair

You know how a bad hair day just up and ruins everything? Well the same goes for sexy, swoon-worthy hair, except that a good hair day, make that a GREAT hair day – is the best! Everything just flows (pun intended!) when your hair looks fantastic. Your smile is brighter, your attitude is better, you’re just a nicer person all around. The good news is a swoon-worth hair day is possible every day. Yes, really! All it takes is some attention to detail and a little planning, and every day you can have sexy, beautiful hair that will in fact make you a better person!

Step 1:  Great hair starts with – and stays with – the basics. Take a good look at your face. Notice the shape. Is it round or square? Maybe heart-shaped? Pull your hair back and look closely in the mirror. Now take some lipstick and outline your face shape, right on the mirror. Then flip though magazines or scroll through the Internet to find celebrities or famous people who have your same face shape. Notice their hair styles and what you like. Getting a cut that flatters your face shape will go a long way to having sexy hair. Why? Because you’ll have a cut that flatters you and makes you feel bright and sparkly.

Step 2: Next, consider your lifestyle.  Long hair may seem sexy, but if you are a wash and go, always on the move type of gal, long hair may be a beast-of-burden, with the upkeep it requires. Sexy, swoon-worthy hair is as much about your attitude as it is about the hair itself. So be honest with yourself. Get a haircut that not only flatters your face but flatters your lifestyle as well. It’s just one more of those little details that will keep you happy and feeling good about the whole picture.

Step 3: Invest in a quality haircut by a professional. Consider this: you wear your hair every day. How much did you spend on those cute boots or that amazing dress? And how often do you wear them? Hair. Every day. Enough said!

Step 4: Now that you have a cut and style that works, take your hair to the next level . Hair is constantly growing and changing. And it’s continually being subjected to the elements. You have to pay attention to your hair if you want it to give back to you! Investing in a quality shampoo and conditioner sets the tone for healthy, shiny hair. Make sure you are using products that are suited to your hair and scalp type (remember that can change with the seasons.) If you are using a regular shampoo and you have dry or chemically treated hair, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Ask your hairdresser for recommendations best suited for the condition of your hair as it is today. So like that cut, invest in the right products for establishing the foundation of healthy hair full of body and shine.

Step 5:  Pay attention to upkeep. Depending on the length of the style you chose, about six to eight weeks after your investment cut, you’re going to need another one. Keeping the ends trimmed and the cut fresh, will help you achieve sexy, swoon-worthy hair. Split ends and ragged edges will instantly dull and diminish an otherwise fabulous head of hair. The same goes for color treated hair. Whether you have a single process color, highlights, or both, those roots are going to start talking to you, so schedule regular appointments to keep your color fresh, which in turn will keep your hair up to date and looking amazing.

Step 6: Don’t be lazy at home. Take the time at home to deep condition your hair every other week or so. Even taking an hour now and then to do a hot oil treatment (olive, argan or coconut), can go a long way to more lustrous locks. Deep conditioning treatments are a quick update that yield amazing results. Experiment with styling your hair differently at home too! Try parting your hair on the opposite side, or adding some chic barrettes to change your look. Even a simple shift, can make you feel and look more vibrant.

So you see, a few simple steps can help you get that great hair day every day. Healthy, sexy hair feels great, and when you feel great, everything just seems to fall into place! And even if it doesn’t all fall into place, at least you’ll look great amid the chaos!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart is a freelancer writer from Michigan. She enjoys writing about beauty, health and fitness! She is passionate about learning new ways to take control of her health and wellness and is a makeup and skincare junkie! You can contact her by emailing