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Are french manicures out of style?

French manicures have been in style for what seems like forever. The classic nude/light pink base with bright white tips matches with virtually everything. It’s office appropriate, date night chic and is one nail trend that has stood the test of time.

In the past few years, French manicures have shifted a bit with new variations. Some prefer a thicker or thinner white tip. Others prefer a “half moon” shape while others still will reverse the colors and go for a white base and neutral tip. In fact, playing with the colors has brought on an onslaught of French mani-inspired nail trends. Gals mix and match colors to have one for the base and one for tips and no color is left unconsidered. But it’s the pink-and-white, classic French manicure women go back to over and over again. From weddings and special occasions to everyday wear, the French manicure can go everywhere and, until now, has proved to be the beauty world’s equivalent to the little black dress.

But it seems like lately, fashionistas have been bashing the French manicure. Whether it’s because it’s “overdone” and women are just seeking something new and fresh, a quick Google search on French manicures will show you plenty of blogs and beauty forums with gals bashing the trend as so passé. Are French manicures out of style? And if so, what’s the new French manicure?

The New Classic

French manicures, like the little black dress or a bright red lip, have been around for ages because it’s a classic pick. It’s versatile, understated and makes any gal look polished and elegant. Now, a beautiful solid-colored manicure has that same effect. Short, well-trimmed nails in a variety of shades will still portray this look. Forget acrylic nails, patterns or some of the latest glitter trends, plain glossy polish from a regular or shellac manicure is the key. And surprisingly when it comes to colors, it can go beyond pretty in pink; gold, nude-toned colors, greys and even black polish can be seen as “classic” when applied to short, manicured nails. To keep the look sophisticated, stay away from any added embellishments like beading, crystals or stickers. Pinks, golds and other neutral flesh-toned colors are going to be the most classic of picks. It’s clean, pretty and a nice departure from the possibly-overdone French manicure.

What do you think? Do you think the French manicure has gone out of style?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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