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Are your lashes large and in charge?

If you were not endowed with eyelashes the Kardashian sisters would crave, you have probably heard of a number of salon and spa treatments to make them thicker, darker or longer. But wait! Before you drop hundreds of dollars on eyelash extensions or an eyelash dye job, consider these tricks for getting a fringe that you can really bat your eyes about.

Grow them
I want to win the lottery, but I won’t have a chance unless I buy a ticket, right? The same goes for sitting around wishing your eyelashes would grow in thicker or longer – it’s not going to happen on its own!

There’s no magical chant you have to recite to get your lashes to grow. The basics of growing hair on your head are essentially the same guidelines for growing your eyelashes – loading up on moisturizing nutrients and proteins. Applied directly to your lashline, these types of ingredients can go a ‘long’ way (get it?). Look for a product like Lashatone, which has advanced peptides and moisturizers that are applied right to the base of your lashes to thicken them up.

It’s all in the technique
You can have the most volumizing mascara on earth, but if your technique is wrong, you’re doing yourself no good. You have a window of about 30 seconds from when you apply the mascara until when it dries. During this time, you can spread the product in a certain way to make the lashes look thicker or longer. Once you’ve applied your first coat, drag the tip of your brush along the upper tips of the lashes to extend the lashes. You can do the same for your lower lashes.

Get those bottom lashes
If you’re not already, always wear mascara on your lower lashes! This completes the “full” look for all of your eyelashes, and makes your eyes look more alert and awake because the contrast against the your eyes makes those peepers look more white. To get the best application on your lower lashes, turn the wand vertically before you apply. You might want to dab off some of the mascara from the wand, but then drag down vertically to cover all the lashes.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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