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Avoid these top home hair dye blunders

Hair too dark?

This is the hair dye blunder that tops the charts for most at-home hair colorists. We’ve seen more ladies come into the salon with this problem than all others combined. It’s a nasty awakening when your hair turns into a deep ‘Mortisha’ like blackness, when what you were sure you were getting was a nice, chocolaty brown color . . . more like that of Kate Middleton or Katie Holmes.

What to do: The cheapest, easiest and safest remedy to try is a clarifying shampoo. In the case of dying your hair too dark, be sure to choose a clarifying shampoo that contains sulfates and avoid ones that are formulated for colored hair. In this case the sulfates will be your best friend. Look for ingredients like ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate on the label. These sulfates contain the harshest detergents and will have the biggest effect for stripping some of the hair dye from your hair. Shampoo two or three times and follow it with a good conditioner. Try this a few times and if it isn’t fading the hair dye enough, check with your hair stylist for your next best options.

Orange and Brassy Hair

It’s a BIG surprise (and really quite frightening) when this mistake is made and orange, brassy hair is the result. It happens often when trying to lighten hair, especially brunettes trying to match the stunning platinum hair color of Agyness Dyne or Gwen Stephanie. But even blondes can get orange brassy hair results when trying to lift their hair to a lighter shade.

What to do: Hair stylists will use a toner in an ash tone that is the opposite of the brassy orange hair. A blue/green toner will neutralize the brassy orange color. If you want to try this at home you can purchase a toner from a beauty supply store. They can help with finding the right shade and with how to use it. It does get tricky though in application as to how long to leave the toner on, so if you’re unsure of being able to measure this . . . it may be time to have a professional help.

If the brassy orange is light, a violet based shampoo can help to neutralize it, but is only good until the next shampoo.

A demi-permanent hair color can also be used to tone down orange effects. Because this is not a permanent hair color it will gradually fade out after a number of weeks and can be reapplied if the hair is in good condition.For more options on dealing with this issue check out my article “Fix Orange Hair

Highlights Too Light

I think highlighting your hair at home is always a mistake. Highlights are most striking when placed artfully throughout the hair to add subtle lightness in strategic places. Not only where they are placed, but how many strands are chosen for highlighting makes a huge difference in the overall effect. That being said, if the problem with your highlights is that they turned out lighter than you wanted, it’s not that hard of a fix.

What to do: You can add warmth by using a semi or demi-permanent gold hair color. You will want a light enough shade so it won’t affect your base color when applied. To get the color you desire, it would be a good idea to speak with someone knowledgeable at your local beauty supply store. The color choice is important . . . and you don’t want to add mistake on top of mistake!

For more discussion on dyeing your hair check out my article “How to Dye Your Hair at Home

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