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Beauty moves you NEED to ditch in the new year

New year, new rules, new chance for me to tell you you’re putting your makeup on wrong. I’m kidding! But really, the new year is a time for us to look back and re-evaluate a lot of things in our lives, and devise a game plan to make the coming year the best one yet.

The way you apply your makeup may not be at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions, but there’s nothing wrong with resolving to put your best face forward! By ditching these common and detrimental beauty moves, you get to do just that.

#1: Wearing the wrong color concealer
I get it, I get it – when choosing concealer, you’re probably thinking of those dark circles under your eyes, and think the lighter, the better.

•   Why’s it bad? When your concealer is too light, you are essentially highlighting the spots on which you are using it. Dark circles? Heavy bags? On display. Crepey skin? In the spotlight. In fact, the combo of too-light concealer with dark circles creates a grey hue to the skin that is not flattering on anyone.

•   What to do instead? Choose a concealer that is an exact match to your skin tone. Then, check that it has a pink or peach tint to it – this will cancel out the bluish undertones of your undereye circles.

#2: “Covering up” dry skin
There is nothing you can do to hide dry skin – especially not cover it up with foundation. This common beauty faux-pas is perhaps based on the misguided idea that foundation will even out the skin no matter what.

•   Why’s it bad? Foundation is designed to blend into your skin and virtually disappear. When your skin is dry or cracked, it will just cling to that dead skin and accentuate the dryness, which is the opposite of what you want it to do!

•   What to do instead? Always exfoliate your skin. In the winter this may be even more important as the air gets colder and dryer and the skin loses moisture. Exfoliating on a regular basis will give you a smooth surface for that foundation.

#3: Not blending your makeup
With all the different types of makeup out there – liquids, creams, pencils, powders – it’s hard to know how to apply them in a way that makes them blend together naturally.

•   Why’s it bad? Hard lines – whether from your liquid eyeliner on your lids or your foundation on your chin – just aren’t natural. When your makeup isn’t blended, it looks messy and unnatural, and can be unflattering to certain features.

•   What to do instead? Use your fingers or makeup brushes to blend, blend, blend everywhere from the bridge of your nose to the sides of your jaw. Smudge that eyeliner with eyeshadow to give it a more natural look, and always double check the hard-to-see spots.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart is a freelancer writer from Michigan. She enjoys writing about beauty, health and fitness! She is passionate about learning new ways to take control of her health and wellness and is a makeup and skincare junkie! You can contact her by emailing