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Give your blackheads the boot

You’ll know them when they peer their black little heads into your face – literally. They’re blackheads, and almost everyone has experienced this type of acne at least once in their life. When your skin is more oily – whether it’s because of hormones, weather or something else – the excess sebum fills your pores and mixes with bacteria to create acne. Blackheads occur when the oil and skin cells are exposed to the air and turn dark in color. Wanna get rid of these bad boys once and for all? Read on.

The important thing to do to prevent blackheads is to keep all oil and bacteria off your face, so washing regularly and keeping your hands away is key. Gentle exfoliation can help by cleansing deep inside your pores to remove the excess oil there.

It can also help to minimize your pores. When the pores are smaller, the blackheads will be too – or they will have no room to exist! After washing your face, apply a serum that works to tighten the skin and minimize the pores. Try Hydroxatone’s Pore Minimizer Mattifying Serum for Enlarged Pores. This serum works immediately and will prevent oil from pooling in your pores and making them larger – bye bye blackheads!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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