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How to get the smoothest-looking makeup

Everyone wants flawless skin, but most of us have to apply makeup to get it to look smooth, glowing and blemish-free. If you have tried every foundation on the market and your skin still doesn’t look smooth, you’re missing something. That something is moisturizer and primer.

If your skin is not dry, you might not think you need moisturizer every day. This is false for several reasons. One, all skin can benefit from moisturizer additions like SPF and wrinkle-reducing ingredients. Two, moisturizer can actually keep oily skin under control, because it can provide hydration to the skin so the oil doesn’t have to overcompensate. Moisturizer generally makes for softer skin, which makes a smoother surface for makeup.

Primer is particularly important if you have some skin woes you’re looking to hide. Applied over your moisturizer and under your foundation, primer can minimize the appearance of pores, cover up blotchy redness and make for an overall smoother application of your foundation. Primer is the tool that gives skin that photo-finished look – exquisitely smooth.

Many products offer these two benefits in one, like Miracle Skin Transformer Face. This five-in-one product hydrates and protects your skin while also priming, mattifying and enhancing your skin – all with one step! Wear this under your foundation and you’ll see the smooth difference!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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