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Keep an eye out for these eye cream ingredients!

If you’re on the hunt for a new eye cream, you might be a little overwhelmed with all the options available these days. You have commercials promising “Botox-like” results from some crazy herb you’ve never heard of, and every brand you look at in Sephora or Macy’s has about 12 different creams formulated for every type of skin that ever existed on earth.

Now, it’s nice to have options, of course, but how is a woman supposed to choose? Generally, eye creams are designed to keep wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness at bay. That means that you can choose the right cream for your peepers by reading the ingredients label carefully – there are certain elements you need to wake up looking refreshed and ready to go!

Something strong
The reason you get dark circles under your eyes is because capillaries break and the blood spreads and pools. The best way to keep these bad boys at bay is to strengthen the capillaries and promote circulation. Botanical extracts such as bilberry fruit extract and grape seed extract are both known for their abilities to strengthen blood vessels and eliminate dark circles.

Something hydrating
Of course, one of the main reasons many women start smearing eye creams on is to prevent wrinkles. The ingredients that target wrinkles are the hydrating elements. By nourishing and hydrating the skin, these ingredients make it more supple and less likely to hold wrinkles. Shea butter and jojoba oil are front runners on the hydration front. (Hydrated skin is also less likely to show dark, broken blood vessels, reducing those dark circles, too!).

Something soothing
“Bags” under your eyes are caused by fluid pooling under your eyes while you sleep, making your eyes look puffy and making YOU look tired! Eye creams combat this by including soothing ingredients to calm and reduce the puffiness. Keep an eye out for chamomile, ginseng, rosemary, mint or retinol in your eye creams, and dab them on with your finger to further distribute the fluid.

Whether you wear these creams during the day or at night, if you pick one with at least one of these ingredients, you can rest (or stay awake!) assured your eye cream is up to the challenge you bought it to take on.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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