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Reasons I haven’t worked out this month

Reasons I haven't worked out this month

I haven’t worked out in almost a month. These are the reasons why.

  1. Woke up late, told myself I would work out after work. Went out for coffee after work.
  2. Cleaned my cat’s litter box. Called it a back and arm workout.
  3. Looked for a yoga workout on Netflix in their sports & fitness section. Found a movie with shirtless Tom Hardy doing martial arts. Watched that instead.
  4. Woke up the next morning and looked for a yoga workout on Netflix. Watched a documentary about yoga.
  5. Had a spiritual awakening that God loves my body just the way it is. I don’t need to impress him with six pack abs.
  6. Said I would walk 45 minutes from the subway to work. Called coworker to come pick me up instead.
  7. Read in a woman’s magazine that bodies are made in the kitchen so I eat a salad instead of working out. Eat a bowl of ice cream an hour later.
  8. Decide to focus less on my body and more on my brain. Read fitness magazine.
  9. My finger hurt.
  10. Skip workout because I’m going to “da club” with coworkers after work and will burn tons of calories dancing my ass off.  Blow off coworkers and watch five episodes of Parenthood at home.
  11. Yelled in the mirror, “I look good for myself! Not for any man! Down with the patriarchy!” Spend the rest of the night browsing OKCupid profiles.
  12. Went to lay down to do my ab workout, but my cat sat on my stomach and made me pet him.
  13. My toe felt weird.
  14. Internet was down preventing me from doing the Zumba YouTube video I like. Fixed internet, watched YouTube cat videos.
  15. It rained. I don’t work out when it rains.
  16. I just straightened my hair.
  17. Cat looks sad. Better not leave him alone.
  18. Don’t want to put too many miles on my new sneakers. Or get them dirty.
  19. Read that weight and weight distribution is all about genetics and decide science will take care of things.
  20. My legs looked too muscular today. Don’t want to be too jacked.
  21. Friend tells me that stress causes weight gain. Decide I’m just stressed and skip workout to take a bubble bath and drink wine.
  22. Fell down a Pinterest blackhole.


What are your reasons?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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