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The best time to color those tresses is the New Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Even though the temperatures may be a little chilly, it doesn’t mean your hair shouldn’t look as vibrant as ever. Plus, with all of the New Year’s parties approaching, you need to ensure your cut and color is fresh for each of those Kodak moments.

But, it can be difficult deciding when is the best time to visit your stylist. You may have asked yourself: Should I go before Thanksgiving? Do I need another dye job before Christmas?   But you ignored your impliccit calls for change.  Now, were ready to make New Year changes.  Than includes your hair.

If you need to change your overall hair color because you wanted something new or need to cover up those grays, you should your first appointment about two weeks before Thanksgiving and the next should be week before Christmas or the week of. This way, you will look fantastic while feasting on turkey and again while you are waiting for the ball to drop!

If you cut and highlights…
Gals who only slightly change their hair color with highlights or lowlights should be able to get away with just one appointment, as you likely color your locks every six to 12 weeks. Try to schedule a visit with your stylist as close to Thanksgiving as possible to get the most out of your color. It will likely hold up perfectly throughout New Year’s.

If you just trim those tresses…
Those lucky ladies who do not need to worry about coloring their hair still may want to ensure their hair is fresh and healthy for each party. Schedule an appointment just before Thanksgiving and maybe another trim right before New Year’s Eve to have luscious, luminous hair.

Schedule right
Don’t forget to schedule your appointments early. Once you figure out when you will need to freshen up those tresses, make all necessary appointments with your stylist. Also, to keep the color in your hair, try some color-protecting shampoos and conditioners to avoid another visit to the salon before you need to go.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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