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Think metallic eyeshadow is just for the Tin Man? Think again

When you think of metallic eyeshadow, you might imagine the shiny-hard look the Tin Man famously rocked (can we say he rocked it?) in The Wizard of Oz. But metallic eye makeup is back in a big way, which means it’s time to learn how to wear this fabulous cosmetic confidently.

Metallic eyeshadow and even a little shiny shimmer to your eyeliner is a great way to dress up your makeup for a wedding or other special event. Done wrong, you can look gaudy, but done right, it attracts just the right amount of attention to your beautiful baby blues (or greens, or browns, or hazels!)

Limit your glimmer

Even if you LOVE the metallic sheen, it’s important not to go overboard. Having a touch of silver, gold or another metallic shade on your lids is one thing, but don’t wear a metallic lipstick, bronzer or blush at the same time. You’ll look more like you’re accompanying the Tin Man to Oz rather than hitting the town with your girlfriends.

As a rule of thumb, when you are wearing metallic eyeshadow, keep almost everything else about your makeup matte.

Keep it in the family

One of the most important things to remember when wearing metallics is to keep it in the same color family. Wearing silver, gold and bronze eyeshadow at once will make your eyes look like a jar of spare change – not exactly the sexy glow you were going for.

Pick your metallic hue and stick with it. If you’re wearing gold eyeshadow, you can still blend other colors, just make sure to keep it in the family. Same goes for other hues – graphite is a great way to add drama to silver shadows, and bronze looks great when blended with a rusty shade.

Will metallics work on me?

There is a metallic eyeshadow color that looks fabulous on every skin tone –  but that does not mean that every metallic looks good on every skin tone.

Gold and bronze work on pretty much every skin tone, whether warm or cool, dark or light. When going for the gold, make sure to keep the color limited to your actual eyelid and highlight above the crease with a light champagne to prevent your skin from looking too yellow.

Silver looks best on light skin. Fair-skinned ladies can lightly dust this hue on eyelids to help cool tones in their skin tone glow. It also looks fabulous on light blondes. Darker-skinned ladies can still rock the trend by wearing silver eyeliner across their upper lashline.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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