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Those eggs aren’t going to kill you

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In early August, a study published in the journal Atherosclerosis stated that eating eggs could be as bad for us as smoking.  Researchers looked at the diet and living habits of 1,231 patients with the average age of 62.  The amount of eggs they consumed and cigarettes they smoked were estimated over their lifetime along with the health of their arteries. They found that eating eggs regularly–specifically the yolks– equated to almost as much plaque in your arteries as a lifetime of heavy smoking.

Eggs have been known to be high in cholesterol, but no one thought it was that bad! The researchers said that the damage would only happen to our bodies if eggs are “eaten routinely in large quantities.” But what do they consider routinely and in large quantities? Who even knows?

But not so fast! A few days after that study hit the news, warnings came out telling us not to worry, eggs aren’t bad for us. Hooray! Critics of the study have issue with the fact that the conclusions are based on self-reported lifetime history of smoking and egg-eating — and only of smoking and egg-eating.  Other parts of their diets and lifestyles were left out of the study.  Were they eating fruit every morning with all those eggs or were they eating bacon and buttery toast? What were they eating the rest of the day? There’s no way of telling, based on this study, what part the eggs played in the additional plaque in the patient’s arteries.

With all of this conflicting information, it’s no wonder people give up on trying to eat healthy. It seems like every day there’s a new study out telling us not to eat something only to be followed up with another study telling us we should be eating MORE of it. Red wine causes cancer! Wait! Red wine prevents cancer! Carbs make you fat! Carbs only make you fat if you eat white bread! Who the heck knows what to do anymore? The media doesn’t help things either. As soon as a study comes out that might be the least bit controversial, they run with it without checking the validity of the claims. With this egg study though, it was published in a scientific journal before anyone questioned it. Now we can’t even trust what’s published by lauded researchers and scientists?

My advice is to eat the healthy diet that works for you and indulge every now and then. But what do I know? I only eat caviar.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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