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Three steps to remove from your skincare regimen this winter

You might think that as winter brings in cooler, drier air, you’d need to add heavy lotions and creams to your seasonal skin regimen, not skim some steps out. However, there are certain products and steps of your skincare regimen that are better off skimpy this season.

•   Scrubbing. While exfoliation in the winter is important to remove dry, dead skin cells, your skin might not be able to handle it every day like it could in the summer or spring. To avoid over-drying, only exfoliate a few times a week if you were scrubbing down every day before. Do it even less often if your skin seems too dry.

•   Stripping. In the summer, you might have been looking for a cleanser that made your skin feel squeaky clean. In the winter, that squeaky clean feeling might be accompanied by flakes and tightness, so consider switching to a gentler, moisturizing cleanser like Hydroxatone’s Gentle Milky Cleanser.

One step not to remove? SPF! You may think hot sun and beaches when you think of SPF and protecting your skin from the sun, but the sun shines every day of the year, albeit only on certain parts of your body. Make sure your daily moisturizer has SPF 15 or higher to prevent UVA and UVB damage.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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