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Vajacial: All you need to know about skin care “down there”

If you shave or wax your nether regions and find ingrown hair or hyperpigmentation an issue, a vajacial – you guessed it – a spa treatment for your vag…may be the cure for you. When done on a regular basis, it can solve your problem. If you want a one-shot solution, laser hair removal may be worth considering.

In an interview with SELF, cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of NYC said vajacials are a beneficial treatment for preventing ingrown hairs while disinfecting, exfoliating and reducing inflammation and discoloration. Wearing protective underwear  can help shield your genital area to avoid irritation.

On the east coast, Haven in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood offers the Peach Smoothie for $50. During the 15-minute treatment,you’ll receive a thorough cleansing with an exfoliating AHA scrub, and then an acid peel.

On the west coast, Stript Wax Bar, the originators of the Vajacial™ provide a four-step facial for your bikini line. After a technician completes cleaning and exfoliating steps, she’ll apply a solution in in one of three formulas depending on your needs (anti-freckle, anti-acne or calming) followed by a lightening treatment. When you’re finished, you’ll be relieved of breakouts, uneven color and ingrown hairs.

Katherine Goldman, founder and owner of Stript Wax Bar assures me: “Your ‘little lady’ will thank us!” I asked for more details about their service, which is 35-minutes longer, and just $10 costlier than Haven’s Peach Smoothie.

YBA: You were the innovator of skin care for down there. What’s the history? 

KG: I’ve been an esthetician in the Bay Area for more than a decade, and trademarked Vajacial, our signature treatment at Stript Wax Bar in 2011.

YBA: Where can I get a Vajacial?

KG: Stript Wax Bar has five California locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek and Palo Alto. 

YBA: Can you tell me more about the process?

KG: The technician begins with the application of an antibacterial body wash and anti-inflammatory, astringent witch hazel to tone. Second, Stript Wax Bar’s proprietary Smooth-A-Peel Body Exfoliating Gel with papain, a natural enzyme derived from papaya, is applied to break down dead skin cells. An expertly trained esthetician will then extract all ingrown hairs. Next, a mask will be whipped up fresh and applied while you relax. Finally, once the mask is removed, a lightening cream with vitamin C, mulberry and licorice extract is applied to help to lighten discolorations.

YBA: What are the differences between the masks?

KG: The anti-freckle mask has antioxidant-rich algae, vitamins and minerals to reduce red spots and purge skin of impurities. The anti-acne mask is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and rose extract to treat breakouts and eliminate of toxins. The calming mask has chamomile and aloe extracts to reduce redness and calm the skin.

YBA: Any other tips?

KG: A Vajacial is best performed within a week after a traditional waxing.

YBA: What other services do you offer?

KG: In addition to the signature Vajacial treatment, Stript’s menu of services includes brow shaping, facials, makeup application, spray tanning and the Depilar System.

Can’t make it to either coast, or trying to save cash? YouTube vlogger Tia Shorts of the Hot Chix Rock channel shows you how to do a DIY vajacial at home.

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