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Why you should start with tinted moisturizer

Do you feel like foundations are just too heavy for your skin, look unnatural or are just a pain in the butt to put on every day? You may have tried the lightest foundations available, but one of the best solutions for easy, light and natural-looking coverage is tinted moisturizer.

Because these simultaneously hydrate your skin and provide sheer coverage, they can cut a number of steps from your makeup routine. But there is an ideal way to use this cosmetic so your skin (and the rest of your makeup) looks its absolute best!

When applying the moisturizer to clean skin, make sure you blend it with your neck, hairline and ear area – remember, it is tinted, so you should still check for any lines where you can see major difference between light and dark in these spots. If your skin is oily, you might find that you need a little pressed powder to soak up additional moisture on your skin. Even if your skin is normal or dry, a light coating of powder can help any other makeup you put on glide on more evenly and keep everything in place.

While tinted moisturizer provides light coverage, you might still want to apply concealer under your eyes or over particularly bothersome blemishes. Bronzer and blush are also a good idea to make sure you look completely glowing!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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