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Woke up late? Try this quick and chic hairstyles

I’ve been known to slap the snooze button on my alarm clock three or four times before managing to open my eyes, which left me with precious little time to get ready.  But, like any lady, I always want to look polished and professional even in a pinch. I need something a little unique but quick and easy to pull together when I’d sleep through my alarm a time or two.

With summer rolling to a close, the just rolled out of bed look won’t really fly.   Being  pressed for time in the morning doesn’t mean you have to wear the same boring pony to work.  Here are some quick and easy hairstyles that are perfect any time you need to get ready in a hurry.

Half Up, Half Down

If you want a classic, polished look, you can’t go wrong with a simple half up, half down ‘do. It works with straight, curly and wavy hair, and only takes a minute to pull together so it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Just pull back the top section of your hair and secure it – you can use a simple hair elastic, or dress it up with a satin ribbon or sparkly clip. Brush out the bottom layer of your hair and voila!  You’re ready to head out the door.  For a softer look, pull back less hair on top – try taking just your bangs back to show off your pretty face and leaving the rest down.

Braided Headband

A French or fishtail braid definitely makes for a great hairstyle, but it can be tough to pull together, especially if you’re sleep deprived in the morning.  Instead, try a simple braided headband look.  Take a small section of hair on one side of your head near your face and create simple braid, tying it off a clear hair elastic. Next, place the braid across the top of your head where a cloth or plastic headband would rest, and tuck the end behind your ear.  Use a couple of bobby pins to secure the braid in place and you’ve got a cool braided headband that’ll turn heads.  To make sure that it stays in place all day, spritz your braid with a firm hold hairspray like John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hair Spray.

Faux French Twist

You don’t have to save the French twist for special occasions – pull off a modified twist on days when you’re in a rush but want a more elegant look.  Just gather your hair in a low ponytail and twist it at the base to hold it together.  Continue twisting the hair as you place it against the back of your head.  If you’re really short on time, use a simple plastic claw clip at the top of the twist to hold it in place. When you’ve got a little more time, use bobby pins or some cute clips.  Leave the ends of your hair to hang free to give the look a flirty, causal feel.

No Fuss Waves

Soft, loose waves are a great look, but you don’t always have time to mess with a curling iron first thing in the morning.  Fortunately, you can get a similar look in no time if you plan ahead.  At night, wash your hair and pull it back into a braid – any style will do. For more defined waves, create multiple braids throughout your hair. You can blow dry your hair in the braid or let it air dry before you go to bed, but make sure that you leave the braids in overnight.  When you undo your braid the next morning, you’ll have tons of easy, soft waves.  Don’t brush them, though – just use your fingers to gently separate them.  To make sure the waves last through all of your classes, use a flexible hold hair spray like Pantene Pro-V Classic Style Touchable Hair Spray.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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