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Your best guide to flat irons

Sleek, straight hair is having a moment; here is your cheat sheet for getting the look right!

You girls must have been dying for this years hot, humid weather to end because sleek, straight hair is having a major moment right now. If you were able to check out the 2012 American Music Award’s Red Carpet, you probably noticed that the smooth, straight hair is trending once again. Jordin Sparks and Christina Aguilera, both donned polished looks for the event and even Taylor Swift went for a soft, smooth style. Because I know this hairspiration has probably got you Google-ing ‘flat irons’ and wondering what to buy, here’s a few tips and recommendations you may find helpful to make your search less stressful.

The Major Mini

The texture and length of your hair, as well as how you plan to use your new iron are very important factors in selecting your new tool. Flat irons come in a wide range of sizes and the shapes of their plates vary. Prices will range anywhere from $9.99 to upwards of $300. And, retailers can range from that one guy in the mall kiosk, to a high end department store. Here’s a shortcut of what you need to know before buying your flat iron

For pixies, bobs and bangs, the mini flat-iron is your new BFF. These irons get the exact same heat quality as the larger ones, but with 1/2″ plates and shorter lengths, they are super easy to use and a snap to pack for traveling. Piece-y pixie, anyone? My absolute favorite is the TS2 Detailer Mini Flat Iron .

These irons are not just amazing for short haired honeys, if you have tight curls, the mini’s are pure perfection for your pin-straight ambitions. Why? Small irons allow for you to get the plates incredibly close to the scalp to smooth out curly, frizzy, puffy roots. When selecting irons for short and/or tightly curled hair, irons with smaller plates are ideal because these babies do not miss a strand! Small irons allow for you to get all of those tiny coils around the hairline and get right down to the scalp easily. If your tresses are above shoulder length, the min-iron is all you need.

Irons of Steele for Long Hair

If your curly locks are on the longer side, I recommend plugging in a second, larger iron to smooth the hair from the mid shaft to ends in a much timelier manner. My recommendation is the ghd Classic Styler . This flat iron leaves strands silky and straight after one pull-through. The best part is that ghd irons automatically go into sleep-mode when they aren’t in use. And if that doesn’t sell you, perhaps the two-year warranty will?

The ghd Classic Styler is great for straight ends, the FHI Platform iron is more easily versatile for styling tresses. The FHI Heat Platform 1” ($116, has wider plates with beveled edges that curl hair effortlessly for non-pro at-home stylers.

A less expensive high quality choice would be those offered from Hot Tools. Their irons retail for around $50 and can be found at and some large department stores. When selecting irons for longer hair, wider plates are ideal because they allow you to pass through more hair at once and finish more quickly.

Protect Your Tresses

The most important tip I can give you about using your new flat iron tool, is to only use it with a thermal protector of some sort. The two are a holy matrimony. FHI Heat’s Hot Sauce, and Chi’s 44 Iron Guard, both retail for under $15 and are industry staples.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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