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Are you in the running for a new pair of sneaks?

Purchasing a good pair of sneakers is a must – but where to start? There are tons of brands and varieties of sneakers available, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, figuring out which is best for you shouldn’t be stressful. Here are some tips to help guide your sneaker shopping.

What will you use the sneaker for?

Are you a gym rat or do you enjoy running outside? Or maybe you just want to put on something comfortable to go to the store or do some yard work. These are questions to consider before purchasing new sneakers.

If you plan on getting sneakers for athletics, make sure they’re fit for the job. Sneakers meant for aerobics may not be the best for the cross country runner. Going for a hike? Hiking boots may do better in nature than canvas shoes. Once you have established what activity you plan on doing with your new sneaks, you are ready for the store!

Specialty store or warehouse?

What you are looking for determines the type of store you should shop at. If you want someone to offer up their expertise and get to pick from the best selection, go to a store that specializes in sneakers and athletic gear.

Always up for a good bargain? Figure out what type of sneaker you want and find a “warehouse-style” shoe place to get your sneaker of choice. Just make sure they have the exact type, not a knockoff!

Finally, there is always the internet. But this is your best bet only when you are buying the same sneaker after you ran the last pair into the ground.

Make sure the shoe fits…

This tip may seem like common sense. After all, why would you buy a sneaker that didn’t fit? However, a number of sports injuries are caused by wearing the wrong type of sneaker for the activity or a poor fit. Plus, just because you are a size 8 in sandals or heels does not mean that is the right sneaker size for you.

The best time to try on sneakers is during the end of the day or right after you were active – this way, your feet will be the size they are when you are all warmed up. Put both sneaks on and lace them up – jumping around, walking and maybe a little jog around the store is key to ensuring they are comfortable for you. There should be a half of an inch between your longest toe and the end of the shoe, and if they are not comfortable, cut your losses now and find a new pair. No pair is worth pain down the road (literally)!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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