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Burning more calories while running

There are countless reasons why you might decide to start a running routine – whether it’s to train for a race or simply because you enjoy it, or, as is often the case, to lose weight. Regardless of the reason, we can all probably agree that you’re probably not complaining when you start burning calories during your running regimen, but this is easier said than done.

The problem with running is the longer you go, the more your body prepares for it. That being said, if you are looking to lose weight you will probably see yourself dropping pounds to start out, but will soon hit a plateau, as your body adjusts to the exercise routine (I know, how frustrating!). But the good news is there are ways to burn extra calories while going the extra mile.

Intervals are your friend

Exercise enthusiasts are likely very familiar with the term intervals, and those who aren’t may want try them out. Running in “intervals” means running faster or sprinting for a certain period of time and then following up with a slower, resting period. A good marker for this is to sprint during the chorus of a song or between lampposts. This is great for those mornings when you may have woken up a little too late and don’t have too much time. Just log in 20 minutes of intervals and you will burn some serious calories.

Wait, another hill? … You betcha!

Running uphill may not seem fun because, well, it isn’t. However, a run complete with a lot of hills will make your body work harder, which will in turn, burns you those excess calories. So, make sure to add a few steep hills into the mix – you will certainly be thankful for it later!

Strength training goes a long way

Mixing a strength training regimen into your running routine will be extremely beneficial. Not only does this change it up a bit for your body, but it strengthens your legs and makes you stronger while running. Even better still, it boosts your metabolism so you keep burning calories even after your workout is over – who doesn’t want that?!

Munch on something beforehand

No matter how far or how strenuous a run, make sure to grab a healthy snack (banana, yogurt, etc.) before you set out. Not only will this give you a little more energy, but it could make you burn more calories in the long run – so get runnin’!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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