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DIY Wedding Makeup

Considering doing your own makeup for your wedding day? I don’t blame you! After all, who knows what you like or your skin better than you do! It can be hard to trust someone else on such an important day to get the look just right; if you’re considering doing your own wedding day makeup yourself but aren’t sure where to start, check out these tips below.

1.  Get a Makeover

Telling you to get a professional to make you over at a makeup counter may sound contradictory but consider this: you’ll be able to have someone else show you new ideas you may not have considered and you may find some products that you’ll be interested in purchasing to recreate the look yourself on the Big Day. Most makeup counters set up complimentary appointments and many will even write down the name of which product was used during each step so you won’t forget how to apply it later yourself!

2.  Consider Airbrush

Most makeup artists recommend airbrush makeup for a day like your wedding where you’ll need coverage that lasts all day and something a little heavier than usual for your photos. Luckily, you can now do airbrush makeup yourself! Places like Sephora sell at-home airbrushing kits, like the Temptu airbrush makeup system. The Signature Starter Set includes a foundation, blush and highlighter shade, too!

3.  Get Falsies

Play up the drama on your wedding day with some false eyelashes. Individual lashes that are layered result in the most natural look while still being ultra glamorous. You can also spring for eyelash extensions to enhance your eyes on your wedding day.

4.  Kick it Up a Notch

If you normally wear a light amount of makeup, this is not the time to stick with that same routine. You’ll want to wear more makeup than usual so that it appears in the photos and videos taken during the wedding. That means embracing foundation for those that are foundation-phobes and lipstick, too!

5.  Practice

It goes practically without saying that anything that you plan on doing yourself for your wedding day should have at least one or two practice runs. The same holds true for your wedding day makeup; practice applying the exact colors and products you’ll use on your wedding day, at least a few weeks before the big day. If possible, try and do this when you have your engagement photos taken so you can get an even better idea of what you’ll look like when photographed! Also, remember to stray away from using new products on your wedding day, you wouldn’t want to risk any unexpected allergies.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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