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Flawless cat eye: You CAN DIY with this trick

The cat eye look with eyeliner is seemingly timeless – we’ve been admiring it on stars like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O for decades, and still love it on the Kardashians and other modern-day fashionistas. This eye makeup is having a huge moment this fall, but what’s a woman to do when she doesn’t have a star-powered makeup team to create a flawless cat eye?

It can be tricky to get both eyes to have perfectly even, symmetrical flicks at either end, and the thicker you go, the easier it is to mess it up. However, that heavy cat eye look is easier than ever when you use a good old fashioned stencil! Try this idea that Glamour Magazine found on Pinterest.

To make the stencil, take an old business card and hold it up to your eye to measure the length, making a mark where the inner and outer corners of your eyes are, and another mark where you want the liner to stop. Sketch your desired cat eye shape on the card with pencil, and hold it up to your closed eye to make sure you like the way it looks (adjusting the shape as necessary). Once you have drawn the perfect shape, cut it out from the bottom of the card.

Hold the stencil up to your closed eyelid and color in the space using liquid or pencil eyeliner, or the eyeshadow color of your choice! How easy was that?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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