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Have your “YOLO” moment with a unique hair color

If you are tired of the same hair color, you CAN change it, and why not? You only live once! (Isn’t that what the kids are saying these days…?). Some of these ideas may seem too drastic, but you can always tone it down to what suits you.

-Mix it up with highlights. Of course, you have been getting highlights for years, and I’m sure they have done wonders for you. Those who want ramp it up a bit can try different types of highlights – chunky and thin all together will certainly turn heads!

-Rock the bright accent, brunettes. The dark contrast of brunette hair with a streak in a vibrant color (blue, pink, purple, why not?!) is sure to please. Put just a few underneath your hair or a couple on the front if you don’t want to go too crazy.

-Blondes, give it some edge. When it comes to blondes, using a highlight of a darker color (browns and deep reds work for this!) will give that everyday hair color some edge.

Oh, and one more thing – if you are thinking a few hot pink highlights is just what you need, you may want to leave it to the professionals. I mean, I know it would NOT be pretty if I attempted these looks myself!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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