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Matching your makeup to your hair: A primer

There are so many makeup “rules” out there. Some schools of thought recommend matching your makeup to your eye color, others say you have to pick colors based on the warmth or coolness of your skin tone. Well, here’s another set of guidelines to add to your makeup arsenal – matching your makeup to your hair color.

Your hair may not be on your face, per se, but the way it frames your features makes it a good guidepost for what types of colors will look good on you.

The best way to flatter blondes is to play up that golden glow that comes from the hair. Warm, light shades like peach, pink, champagne, gold or any mix of these colors will reflect and complement the hues of your hair, illuminating your whole face. Wear a shimmery champagne eyeshadow along your upper and lower lashline, then wear a peachy blush to finish off the look.

Because these gorgeous ginger-haired ladies are already endowed with a feature that adds color and warmth to their complexion, they look fantastic in warm colors like brown and apricot that complement and enhance these natural colors. However, when you’re feeling funky, a light, mossy green on your eyes will add a fun pop of color.

Lighter Brunettes
Ladies with light brown hair kind of have the best of both worlds – they can dabble in blonde palettes and those for darker hues, because almost every color will flatter them. Earthy neutrals will give you an earthy glow, but you’ll also shine in a bright coral lip or a deep berry.

Deep Brunettes
Dark-haired ladies can pull off bolder colors, because their tresses frame their face and balance the dark, vibrant hues. Brunettes in shades of deep chocolate or espresso can wear plums, burgundies, and of course the super-trendy oxblood of this season. These ladies can also wear bright reds on their lips. Metallic shadows in shades like bronze, copper or gold will add warmth to brunettes’ eyes, and the drama of eyeliner will flatter women with dark hair.

Black hair
Black hair tends to create a dramatic palette for makeup, because it’s just one shade against the color of your skin. It looks great when black-haired ladies play up one feature with one bold color. For instance, black-haired beauties might look stunning with a shimmering navy smoky eye and neutral lips, or a bold red lip with minimal eye makeup.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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