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Shine the light on your best features with highlighter

You use highlighters at work to mark important passages or points in documents, and you’re probably aware how blonde highlights can lighten up your hair color. But when it comes to your face, what does highlighting mean?

It doesn’t involve neon markers or bleach – actually, it’s about using shimmery makeup to reflect light off certain features to make them stand out and give you a healthy glow. It seems to have magical face-brightening and age-reversing powers, but really it’s just the product’s uncanny ability to reflect light in a way that reduces dark under-eye circles, visually lifts sagging brows and decreases the look of wrinkles.

Even if highlighter is already a makeup bag staple for you, there are certain ways you can use it to really get glowing.

Choosing the right shimmer

Most highlighters are a pearly pink color, but they can come in several forms – liquid, stick and powder. Liquid highlighter is the most versatile, and can be used virtually anywhere on your face, chest or shoulders. Stick or pencil highlighter is great for places you need a super precise application (but it can still be blended). Powder highlighters are best for getting a quick all-over glow once all of your makeup is done.

Hey, bright eyes!

Still working on “paying” off your sleep debt? Aren’t we all. If you’re a little behind on sleep, your eyes don’t have to show it. Dab just a bit of liquid highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes once your eye makeup is done. You’ll look instantly awake!

Need a lift?

Have you started to notice your upper eyelid sagging just a smidge – just enough to make you start thinking about getting an eyelift someday? Well, before you go under the knife, consider highlighter as a visual eyelift. Dab a few dots on your brow bone and just above your eyebrows, and blend with the rest of your eye makeup. Instead of drawing attention to this area, the highlighter will reflect light, making your eyes look younger and more alert.

Put on your prettiest pout

Highlighter can even be used to give you that Angelina Jolie pout you’ve been lusting after. After applying your lip color, dab just a bit of highlighter on your cupid’s bow – that small curve in the center of your upper lip. This will make your lips look fuller because of the way it reflects the light above your lip line.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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