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Become a beauty rogue: Rebel against those rules!

Let’s face it – some rules are simply meant to be broken. Even if you’ve never broken a rule in your life, when it comes to cosmetics, living outside the lines is the way to be a trendsetter and find a new look that works perfectly for you.

Here are the classic beauty “rules” that you should most certainly rebel against. You might find it’s exciting to live dangerously!

Redheads shouldn’t wear red lipstick

Um, can anyone say RUDE? Look at gorgeous ginger stars like Emma Stone and Julianne Moore if you need proof that this rule is simply bogus. Red lips are one of the most classic looks on women of any hair color, and a bright red is a perfect way to instantly look put together.

The real issue is matching lipstick to your hair color. Another beauty rule directed at redheads is that you should wear a warm tone lip color to complement the warmth of your hair color, but really you should match it to your skin tone. Most redheads have cool, pink skin tones, so it’s better to opt for a shade of red with cool undertones.

Women over 40 shouldn’t have long hair

Again, how rude! Who knows where this bizarre rule came from. Short hair is certainly easier if you have less time to style your hair these days, but long hair might even help you look younger.

The only concern is that as you age, your hormones change and your hair might feel more dry or frizzy. If this is the case, make sure to apply a weekly deep conditioning treatment to keep your mane looking as young as you feel!

Line your lips for long-lasting color

Lip liner was invented to line the perimeter of your lips and give them definition. However, this is a slightly outdated practice that the average woman doesn’t need to carry out, unless she really needs help with definition. Plus, lining your lips with a liner that matches your lip color will only look like a bizarre dark ring when your lip color wears off.

If you want the long-lasting results that lip liner does in fact deliver, color your lips entirely with the pencil, then layer the lipstick on top.

Sparkles aren’t only for teenagers

Glitter conjures up images of pop stars and tacky makeup you wore as a teenager, but a little shimmer can be a godsend for women in their 30s, 40s and 50s, because it reflects light and makes the skin look radiant, like it’s glowing from within.

To sparkle the right way, choose eyeshadow colors like beige, taupe, champagne and gold to complement your skin tone, not contrast with it. Shimmery lip colors like brown-based nudes and pinks can be flattering, as can rosy pink blushes.

Just remember to wear glitter in moderation – no more than two places at a time to avoid looking gaudy.

Your makeup should match your outfit

Although coordination is always nice, getting too matchy-matchy with your makeup can be a beauty disaster. If you’re wearing dark colored clothing, give your ensemble a pop of color with bright eye makeup. If your whole outfit is orange, consider wearing a blue eyeliner. since these are complementary colors.

If you can’t wrap your head around contrasting makeup and clothing, wear makeup in lighter, muted shades of your clothing. If you’re wearing gray, try a silvery eyeshadow. If you’re wearing pink, wear a lighter shade on your lips.

And remember – natural looking makeup that complements your skin and eye colors will look good with any outfit.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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