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Channel your inner goddess – with hair accessories

You can wear bronze and gold eye makeup and make your skin glow, heck, you can even wear a toga if you want, but one way to truly take your look from mere mortal to goddess is to add an ethereal hair accessory.

Fall is a great time to wear hair accessories – without the frizz, sun and sweat of the summer months, any extra decoration to your hair can be added without worry. This season, it’s finally time to take those over-the-part, across-the-forehead headbands and bring them into mainstream fashion.

Whether you are heading out for a day of shopping or attending a black tie wedding, there is a gorgeous headband that will make you feel like the goddess you are!

Feeling fancy

Nothing says “fancy” like sparkly rhinestones and other gems, which is why headbands embellished with jewels are the perfect way to dress up your outfit. Remember Kim Kardashian’s diamond headpiece that she wore to her (now infamous) wedding last summer? Well, now these glamorous accessories are hitting the streets! Choose one with a crown design to look really regal.

If you’re not quite ready to try the crown-like headband trend, wear a sparkly, rhinestone-covered headband over your updo.

Keeping it casual

Another headpiece trend this season comes from nature – that’s right, crowns that appear to be made of flowers, leaves and vines are super in style, and are a perfect way to add an ethereal, fairy-like tone to your look. To channel the 1960s hippie vibe that these headbands give off, wear your hair down, straight or slightly wavy, then set the headband on top of your hair like a crown.

Wear one with tiny, false blooms all around it for that flower power vibe, or choose one with metallic leaves and vines for a truly Greek goddess look.

Getting funky and chunky

These headbands are funky as it is, but if you really want to push yourself a little further, choose one made out of edgy materials like chains or leather. Some incorporate several types of chains and create a turban-like look to your hair.

Other times, just a gold rope or a braided material will make just enough of a statement.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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