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Do you have a hand in the demise of the shine?

You may have noticed recently that your hair is dull, mousy, blah – basically, the opposite of the shiny, lustrous curtain of beauty that you want it to be. Well, cue your mom saying “there’s no one to blame but yourself” on this one. You can blame your stylist or your shower, but when it comes to once-luminous locks losing their shine, it can usually be traced back to something you can change.

Here are some tips to be the change you wish you see in your hair!

You are what you eat

You probably already know that what you eat has great power over how your body feels and functions – the same goes for your hair! In fact, you can strip your hair down and build it up with topical products all day, but the key to really healthy hair is getting enough of certain vitamins.

To nourish each strand, you should be getting plenty of vitamin A, B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Whether you get these from your diet or a supplement is up to you, but you’ll probably notice a difference!

Are you drying it, or frying it?

We all know that heat styling isn’t great for our tresses, but there are some lesser evils when it comes to drying, straightening and curling hair. When you choose a brush, look for an “ionic” or ceramic brush. Negative ions speed up the water evaporation of your hair, cutting down the amount of time you have to spend damaging it with heat.

Another way to prevent damage while drying is to always point the air down the shaft, not up it. Pointing the air down will smooth the cuticle (read: make it shiny) as opposed to rough it up. You should also take advantage of that nozzle attachment that came with your hair dryer. This important piece helps direct the air down the shaft to smooth it even more (and dry it faster). When styling, always use a protective product so the iron doesn’t burn your locks and damage the cuticle, which zaps shine big time.

Not nourishing, not protecting

As important as it is to promote healthy hair growth, you must remember that the locks that fall on your shoulders are dead. Sorry, there’s no nice way of putting it. That means they can’t necessarily nourish themselves, so it’s up to you. Moisture is what makes shine, so using a hydrating shampoo and a deep conditioner can go a long way. You might also want to add a shine spray or serum to keep your hair hydrated once its dry.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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