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Do you know how to curl your eyelashes?

Most makeup artists recommend curling eyelashes when you’re doing your eye makeup, and most of us have one of those devices that our boyfriends tell us looks like a torture device. But do you actually know how to curl your eyelashes? Before you say “yes, duh!” read these tips.

Timing is key when it comes to the curl – for the health of the lashes and the longevity of the curl! Never curl your eyelashes after putting mascara on. Some women think this will hold the curl, but really all it does is pull out eyelashes as they stick to the curler. Plus, curling with mascara on will make the lashes clump together – not a good look. Always start with naked lashes (that means removing all traces of yesterday’s makeup, too!)

Another trick you might not already know is to heat up the curler. Just as your hair curler works best when its hot, your eyelashes will curl around heated metal more effectively than cold. All you have to do is aim a blast of hot air from your hair dryer before using, and you’ll see a pretty dramatic curl.

Crimping once works to get a good bend to the lashes, but a two-clamp process will create an even tighter curl. Clamp once at the roots of your lashes, then again toward the top for an extra-voluminous look.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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