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Get bronzed for a night out

Got a date tonight? Heading out on the town with the girls? Maybe you don’t have time to go out and get a spray tan and your natural summer glow may have faded a bit in the past couple of months. Still want to rock that halter top or strapless dress? No problem!

One way to fake a sunkissed glow is to wear a tinted moisturizer all over your body. If you’re not happy with your tan after one application of this lotion or cream, layer until you like the shade.

Looking for even more bronze in certain areas? Touch up your cream with a matte bronzer. Simply dust the bronzer on with a large kabuki brush or puff to get an even application. Choosing a bronzer with a little shimmer in it might reflect light in a super flattering way, making you look even more like a bronzed goddess.

You can make your skin look even more bronzed by adding some highlighter to your makeup routine. Highlighting your brow bone, cheekbones, bridge of your nose and just above your upper lip will give your skin a sun-kissed luminosity, like you’re glowing from within. After all, you are!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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