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Grab-and-go breakfasts

grab-and-go healthy breakfast

Who among us has never been rushed in the morning? Sometimes all you can manage is a drive-through coffee and flavorless low-fat blueberry muffin. But what if breakfasts on the go could be arranged in advance, easily—and  full of nutrition?

Sure, it may require a wee bit of thought the night before (or even the morning-of), but there are lots of ways to ensure a nourishing grab-and-go breakfast that’s quick and simple. And hey, you can still sip that coffee on the side if you really want to.

Think-Ahead Breakfast

One way to ensure a healthy meal in the morning is to start it long before the sun rises—before you even go to sleep.

  • Bake up some granola bars or healthy fruit bars and wrap them up to grab on your way out the door.
  • So many of us prepare sandwiches for lunch but overlook the parallel for breakfast: smear a bagel with peanut butter and wrap for morning, or spread some almond butter over a favorite homemade muffin. And don’t forget that two leftover pancakes filled with nut butter or jam make a great breakfast sandwich, too!
  • Throw some high-protein energy balls  into a container and tote them along in the morning for an indulgent-tasting breakfast.
  • Cookies for breakfast? Absolutely, when they’re this healthy!
  • Cereal-in-a-jar: The salad-in-a-jar craze was all the rage last year. Why not do the same with breakfast?  Layer your favorite cold cereal with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits in a glass jar that you bring along to the office. Once there, pour milk directly into the jar and enjoy a crispy, fruity meal.  If you’re more into bowls, place all the ingredients in a Ziploc bag, then transfer to a bowl once you arrive at your desk.
  • Wraps are perfect transportable foods! Wrap your favorite scramble or leftover beans in a tortilla (or a raw collard leaf if you’re feeling adventurous), then bring along in a portable container.


Morning-Of Breakfast:

Forgot to prepare something the night before? No worries—here are a few suggestions that you can literally throw together in minutes, or while you get ready for work.

  • Take-along Smoothie: Toss some frozen berries and a handful of rolled oats into a blender along with a cup or so of your favorite milk and a handful of baby spinach if you happen to have some on hand. Blitz and pour into a jar for the road.
  • Did you know that rolled oats are already pre-cooked (whole oat groats are steamed and lightly toasted)?  That means you don’t really need to cook them at all! Before you head to the shower, cover one serving of oats with your desired milk (or water) in a portable container.  When you’re ready to leave, grab an apple or orange along with the (covered) container, and enjoy oatmeal at the office. Feel free to eat it cold, but heat if desired.
  • Another quick to-go “cereal” is chia pudding: place about 2 tablespoons of whole chia seeds in a portable container with about 1/2 cup of milk of choice; allow to sit while you get ready for work. By the time you’re heading to the office, the chia will have absorbed all the liquid and will attain the texture of tapioca pudding.  Add nuts, seeds, and a splash of maple syrup and you’ve got breakfast to go.


Morning doesn’t have to consist of a mad rush to the office and a grumbling tummy you fill with caffeine and sugar. A little planning and you’ll have the most important meal of the day all set to go before you even head out for work.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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