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Gym day skincare


Does the thought of going out in public without makeup leave you in a panic? When going to the gym, the last thing your face needs is makeup on. You may be trying to impress that hot personal trainer, but leaving makeup on while working out will just clog your pores. It is important you head to the gym for a sweat fest with a clean face. Sweating is good for you and cleans out your skin but if you have mascara, foundation, blush and every product under the sun on your face it will just lead to redness, irritation and acne. So wash up before you head to your local fitness center.

Before your workout:

Be sure to bring a cotton headband to put your hair back to keep unwanted oils, bacteria and sweat from your face. They are also a great fashion statement!

If you’re working out outdoors, perhaps in the gym’s outdoor pool, be sure to pack sunscreen and keep re-applying. Nothing will dry out and irritate your skin faster than the sun! Remember this even on winter day outdoor workouts.

After your workout:

Be sure to wash your face immediately after you’re done working out and shower. This will rid your skin of the sweat that can clog pores and the bacteria from your yoga mat, dumbbells and in the air around you in a public gym or yoga studio.

If you want to increase the release of dead skin cells and bacteria you picked up on your workout, I have one word for you: exfoliate! Try a dry brush or an exfoliating scrub in the shower.

If your gym has a sauna, make use of it. The steam from the sauna will naturally unclog your pores, remove impurities from your skin and keep your skin hydrated. It is a great detox after your workout!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but change out of your sweaty clothes immediately after you’re done working out. Some people are in a rush, so they run errands immediately after hitting the gym, staying in sweaty clothes for hours before they shower. This is a little gross for people around you, not to mention will keep sweat and bacteria close to your skin. This in turn can cause irritation and breakouts, not to mention infections if you keep sweaty underwear on.

Stuff these in your gym bag:

No sink? No problem! Get some cleansing wipes for your face and body when you’re in a pinch and can’t shower immediately after your workout. Try ones that are made for sensitive skin, such as the “Simple” brand of face cleansers.

For cooling relief for a hot, sweaty face try a toner or facial spray to soothe, relieve and revive your skin. It is a great pick me up for dull and tired skin.

Buy a dry shampoo. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like washing my hair every day because it isn’t good for your scalp and well, I’m just lazy! Dry shampoos are a lifesaver! Just spritz some in your dirty locks in the locker room, brush and you’re good to go!

Grab Flip flops! Save your feet from bacteria on the locker room floor and get some cheap flip flops for your gym bag when you want to shower there.

Don’t forget moisturizing lotion – your skin will dry out being washed so much, especially in winter months. Lotion up when your skin is still damp so it drinks in the moisture and keeps your skin glowing and healthy.

What are your favorite types for skin care before or after your workouts? What are your go-to gym bag items for your skin?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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